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ISO 14001
Our high-quality products are manufactured in a beautiful and natural environment.

Based on our principle that a contribution to society is an obligation of the company, all plants of KOBAYASHI CORPORATION obtained the international environmental standard ISO 14001 certification as of 2001.

Each individual employee has raised the eco awareness and thus activities for conservation of the global environment and nature are promoted. KOBAYASHI CORPORATION looks to be an environment- and social-friendly company.


The earth is a precious place for all human beings. In order to maintain the planet as a home all through our lives, our crucial duty is to protect this invaluable property and have it inherited in sound condition to future generations.

We deeply recognize the social responsibilities of a company. KOBAYASHI CORPORATION must provide society with excellent technologies that achieve good harmony with the natural environment and coexistence with the communities. For this purpose, skills that each employee has accumulated since the establishment of the company must be integrated and improved to a higher level.

Each individual employee must also recognize importance of the global environment and promote environmental conservation activities based on mutual confidence with society.

From these aspects, KOBAYASHI CORPORATION positions global environment conservation as one of the most important issues of the corporate administration and thus establishes the Eco Declaration to enhance company-wide environmental management operations.

Established on April 1, 2024.

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