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Corporate Profile

Established by Mr. Kameo Kobayashi in October 1946 for the purpose of manufacturing automobile and motorcycle parts and electricity-related components, KOBAYASHI CORPORATION has always pursued improvements in engineering and quality for more than 70 years. Our ideal is to be a flexible company corresponding to the needs of every time with the highest attention to confident person-to-person and company-to-company relationships. The principle of small, selected teams is consistently maintained. On the foundation of the self-development of each individual, employees participate in several education programs: on-the-job training; special training for new graduates, managers, and supervisors; practice in cutting techniques, quality control, and computers; education on safety, hygiene, and pollution; and lectures to acquire official licenses for the operation of forklifts and cranes. In addition, recreation events through the year make employees more sophisticated and let them become friendly and united to create a positive, happy work atmosphere.

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