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KOBAYASHI CORPORATION is involved in many processes, from mass-production to the development of new products.

 Our company mass manufacture a various products for transportations from rocker shafts for automobiles, clutch levers for motorcycles, engine parts, frame parts etc.

 Mainly based on our accumulated machining and grinding technologies, we provide high quality products by fully utilize in-house assembled machineries to have highly efficient mass production or utilizing ordinary machining machines and grinders, including NC automatic lathes, machining centers etc., to have highly efficient a various small lot production.

 In addition, we own a section where dedicated to manufacturing samples and prototypes. Combining with an ability to handle integrated manufacturing form trial development to mass production and accumulated knowledge and achievements for a various productions, we will propose a component specification to each customer which provides most cost efficiency.

 Currently, we are practicing on machining non-metal materials as titanium, stainless etc. and manufacturing non-transportation related parts with our technologies.

 We will manufacture and deliver each product, which is highly connected with customers trusts, with a sense of responsibility.
KOBAYASHI CORPORATION - We try to meet every demands of metal machining!
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